One year ago…

28 10 2012


I had just wrapped up my first full day in New York City.  Thanks to a friend/coworker (we’ll call her D), I had the opportunity to stay in New York for a week and work out of our office there.  It was hands down, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had yet.  Even if it started at Penn Station in NYC by witnessing a man attacking a woman and then having to run to catch the bus. 

The first night we went to Two Door Tavern.  A former coworker of ours owns part of it so we went to check it out.  There I had my first NYC beer.  After that we drove around the city – we hit up Times Square, drove past Rockefeller Center, the NBC building, and Dave Letterman’s show.  We were out and about until I think 3am and then turned around and started the first full day.

We went to Ebbets Field (actually, it no longer exists, but they have a sign in front of the apartment buildings that now stand there), drove through Brooklyn (I would definitely live there if I ever for some reason found myself in NY), walked along the Brooklyn waterfront, visited Ground Zero and the 9/11 memorial, the Fire Station, drove past Wall Street (the Occupy Wall Street folk were camped out so they had the street directly in front of Wall Street closed off), had lunch at Johnny B. Goode’s (yummy 50s diner), drove around the Meatpacking District, SoHo, Mulberry Street (drove past the front stoop that was Carrie Bradshaw’s in Sex and The City), bought some candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar (Ralph Lauren’s daughter’s candy shop), tried to take a cruise on the Hudson River, and then headed back to D’s to unwind.

Now, imagine all of that in some of the worst weather possible.  Rain, wind, freezing rain, hail, snow, icy rain.  You name every possible cold weather and we faced it all in a span of that one day, while doing everything mentioned above.  The cruise on the Hudson – long story short, but we were never notified it was canceled so we drove around the city to kill time… by the time we went back and parked (where it cost almost $35 in parking!!!!!), they had canceled the cruise..  Grrrrrrr.   By the time we were done walking around near Ground Zero, we looked as if we had just emerged from a bath, fully dressed.  I had never been so miserable in jeans before.  While we were working, umbrellas were getting turned inside out and we had ice chips falling off of us!  No joke.   Due to the weather, I wasn’t able to really experience Ground Zero as much as I would have liked to.  I didn’t have the opportunity to really soak it all in.  But I was still fighting back tears.

The following day was pretty darn great.  We backtracked a little bit and went back to the Brooklyn Bridge to walk over it, as well as walk along the waterfront there.  Stopped and had my first Starbucks in Brooklyn (I have to admit, that felt pretty cool! It was a Starbucks amongst a group of brown stones). 

After that we drove to Yankee Stadium and walked around a bit, had lunch at Serendipity, walked around Times Square, went up to the top of the Empire State Building, walked and window shopped in the heart of the city, went to FAO Schwartz and stepped inside Central Park, got my picture taken in front of the Plaza Hotel, and finally got to take that cruise on the Hudson River where we were up close to the Statue of Liberty and was able to see the city at night, on the water.  It was amazing.  And also unbelievably freezing cold!!!!!

I have a feeling I’m missing a bunch of things – we did so much in a 48 hour time span it was crazy.  I really wish I could go back.  I could, if I had the money for airfare.  I have a free place to stay.  One day again soon :).





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