Holy Winds Oregon Coast…

20 11 2012

I spent the last 24 hours in Lincoln City.  It was supposed to be a great night out of town, away from everything.  I’d never done this on my own before …  I booked a room so I could see both the sunset and sunrise from a balcony overlooking the ocean while remembering my boy as it comes up on the 2 year anniversary of his passing.  However, Mother Nature had thoughts of her own.  The weather was awful.  Absolutely awful.  80-100 mile per hour winds, downpouring – oh wait – horizontal rains… I didn’t get a chance to see the sunset or sunrise, but I was at the ocean.  But once the winds picked up, then I started worrying about my car.  The place I stayed had free valet parking (hold on – it’s not what you think – it had valet parking only because the parking lot was on the other side of 101 – more safety than anything else!) so I didn’t really know where it was parked at. 

I did get to sit out on the balcony – I had gone prepared.  I had my snowshoeing pants on top of my fleece bottoms, a fleece, a sweatshirt, and rain coat, and hat with scarf – I only wish I had remembered gloves!  And the balcony was so protected the wind wasn’t really an issue while sitting outside, which was nice.  But all I heard, all night long, was the howling wind.  Great waves though.

And then on the way home, the drive was horrible.  Downed trees causing closed roads causing delays… then once I got going, not too far down Hwy 18, I turned a corner and there was a car coming from the other direction that a tree had fallen on and smashed its windshield.  The scary part was just before that I had decided to not speed up slightly to get around the semi-truck that was in front of me as we were going from a two lane to a one lane merge.  If I had gotten in front of him, I have a feeling I would have been passing through/by as the tree fell!

So there we were.  Stuck on Hwy 18.  And too many times for comfort, huge wind bursts would pick up and all I could do is look through my sunroof at the tall, shaky, trees that were blowing over in the winds above – having this huge fear that a tree would fall and I’d have nowhere to go.  But thank goodness for good Samaritans and men with chainsaws!  Only in the country are you rarely without a man with his tools right?  Thankfully a group was able to move the tree out of the way and help the lady in her SUV.  Needless to say, it was quite the stressful drive home.  I’d never been so happy to get home and out of a car.

And then I baked mint chocolate chip cookies – I bought frozen dough at the store on the way home.  I caught up on my Dexter and Homeland.  Homeland has definitely taken over the Showtime favorite slot since Weeds is now done. 

I am so glad to be home.

I tried to take some video of the surf from my balcony, but I can’t seem to be able to upload it here – it doesn’t do it justice anyhow.  Neither do these pictures:



And then for some reason after I got home, I felt the need to try out a hat I had gotten from my sister awhile back. 


And now I’m just relaxing on the couch watching tv.  And hoping that the stress of today doesn’t make me eat every single cookie I just baked!


Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress

24 09 2012

So… somehow, some way, when Blogspot did an upgrade, my system decided it didn’t like it.  It no longer provides me the option to upload pictures, which is one of the main reasons why I like to blog.  I love photography and ever since I got the iPhone, I really can’t stop taking pictures.  I absolutely love the Instragram app and have been using that constantly.

So to kick off my first blog via WordPress, here are just a few of my favorite Instagram shots:

It's Serious This Time

Steamboat is my happy place...


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