17 12 2012

There aren’t any words that can even come close to explaining or describing one of the most awful, horrific tragedies I have ever seen that happened this week.  First, starting in Portland with the shooting at Clackamas Town Center and then the atrocious events that happened in Newtown, CT on Friday morning.  There are no words.  It’s incomprehensible.  Those innocent people, children.  CHILDREN.  What in the world could possess someone to act so horribly towards the most innocent humans there are?

The coverage has been frustrating.  One minute they say the shooter’s mom was a teacher and it was her class he started with, then it wasn’t – she was the one found at the home before he went to the school.  The number of casualties.  The varying reports on every single level.  The media has made this worse than it should be.  Interviewing the children.  Nice work exposing those children to the entire world.  That’s just great.

And now, the service that is being aired.  So far it’s, of course, been very moving.  Every religion is present, everyone is coming together.

But I’m sorry, I thought this was a service for the victim’s families and the community itself.   But yet CNN feels the need to keep focusing on the President sitting in the front row.  Even the podium as the Presidential symbol on it.  I’m sorry, but is this a PRESIDENTIAL SPEECH?  NO!!!  It’s about the families of the victim’s, so why in the hell isn’t all of the focus on just that?  I am extremely impressed with President Obama’s immediate reaction and thoughts to the tragedy – I was crying right along with him.  But I find it slightly disrespectful that the coverage has the nerve to keep focusing on him.  This night is not about the President.  It’s about the people who so senselessly lost their lives, all way too soon, too young.  I can’t even comprehend the entire situation.  I sit here and try to picture what had happened, but it’s too painful.  Yet, I can’t keep watching the coverage.

I’m one of the most patriotic people you’ll ever find and I’m always proud of our President’s, but I just wish that for one night, for this awful tragedy, that politics could have been kept out of it.




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